2009 Le Lupe Come Forme del Tempo (She Wolves as Shapes of Time)

Exhibition: Sala Ferrari Gallery
Location: Bogliasco / Genoa (Italy)
Dates: 5-13 December 2009
Media: Ink on paper
Dimensions:  3 works @ 350mm X 450mm

These drawings are hand drawn computer interpretations of graphic images of the Roman She-Wolf.  The original graphic images were created in 2005 by Kristin Jones and Francesca Fini, in collaboration with Erika Kruger.  The 2009 interpretations translated the original 2D graphics into 3D computer models, and then back again into hand drawn line images on paper, exploring and blurring the boundaries between digital and analogue drawing.

The exhibition was curated by Vivien Greene (Solomon Guggenheim Museum) and sponsored by Compagnia Bogliasco, Consulta Associazioni Bogliasco, & Comune di Boglisaco as an art benefit in support of Ospedale Gaslini. Launch attended by mayor & members of Genoese Academy of Fine Arts.

In association with the Liguria Study Center for the Arts and Humanities, Bogliasco (Genoa), Italy
Computer modeling assistant:  Adam Alexander

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