TE MOANA      |     2021

Festival: 2021 LUMA Southern Light Project
Date: Queen’s Birthday Weekend, 4 – 7 June 2021
Media: Digital Animation | 04:17:00, 30.00fps, 1920×1080 + Digital Soundscape
Site: Queenstown Gardens, Queenstown, New Zealand
Visionscape: ©2021 Te Moana by Daniel K. Brown
Soundscape: ©2021 Te Moana by Mark K. Johnson

Te Moana, ‘the ocean’ in te reo Māori, recognises New Zealand’s unique identity as an island nation. Te Moana was specially created to be projected onto the ceiling of the Band Rotunda of the Queenstown Gardens for the 2021 LUMA Southern Light Project. It showcases magical worlds beneath the sea, filled with colourful whirlpools, fish, and taniwhas.

As a way to give back to the Queenstown community, the starting point for Te Moana was about finding a way to enable Queenstown’s youngest children to participate in the magical realm of LUMA, not just as visitors but as contributing artists. And who better to provide the vision for this underwater world than the drawings of pre-school children from Queenstown’s Early Childhood Education Centre and 6-12 year olds from Queenstown Primary, Shotover Primary and Remarkables Primary. The world of Te Moana continually changes, bringing the children’s drawings to life in one magical underwater realm after another. Imagine the thrill of a pre-schooler seeing their own drawings brought to life and in dazzling arrays of animated colour!

The music for Te Moana was composed by Mark Johnson, while the ever-transforming, magical realm of the sea was created by Daniel Brown with assistance from William du Toit and May Myo Min. Rebecca Hembrow and Muireann Carr were instrumental in coordinating and drawing out the best in our young Queenstown artists. The vision for Te Moana was proudly handed over to the sense of wonder and magic held by the youngest members of our Queenstown community: Aneika, Anja, Bailey, Bella, Clara, Diego, Elaina, Emerson, Evie, Isabel, Leo, Petra, Phoenix, and Natalie were 10-12 years old. Amy, Ariana, Charlie, Charlotte, Ellie, Frankie, Gaeun, Gus, Isla, Jackson, Liv, Ronan, Rosie, and Sophie were 8-9 years old. Devon, Duncan, Elli, Sophia, Sylvie and Tara were 6-7 years old. Ana-Luiza, Asia, Benecio, Benjamin, Fateh, Hayule, Isabella, Leila, Lua, Maisie-Jean, Matilda, Milly, Roy, Ryder F. and Ryder M. were 4 years old. Jojo and Shia were 3 years old. And Isla L. was just 2 years old.

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