Festival: “Return of the She-Wolves” Festival
Location: East bank of the Tiber River between the Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini bridges, Rome, Italy
Date: 11-14 September 2020
Media: Digital animations, sound transmissions
Artist: Daniel K. Brown, in collaboration with Erika Kruger
Music: Walter Branchi (voce maschile: Roberto Laneri)

Rome’s festival event “Return of the She-Wolves” ran from sunset to midnight over four nights along the banks of the Tiber River between the Ponte Sisto and the Ponte Mazzini bridges. It showcases the work of 9 international artists and 6 international composers.In “Four Arias at the Edge of Darkness” digital animations are projected onto the 13m high stone embankment walls of the Tiber River, portraying the Roman She-Wolf witnessing the four elements of nature to the sounds of four sound arias by Walter Branchi. The animations integrate the elements of nature: Earth (stone walls), Water (ripples), Fire (sunrise), Air (moon), with the fifth element, the Spirit of the Wolf. The animations are synchronized with the sound arias of the composition. Huge, wild and luminous eyes stare at the site, attentively observing Branchi’s music that takes shape from the air. Burning suns, they dance and burn, slowly fading away.

Air | Aria fluente come è. 08:58
Fire | Aria tessi e ritessi. 05:24
Water | Aria selene coeli-rosa. 05:37
Earth | Aria al sole. 03:16Animation assistants: David Angus, Justin Beckermann, Adzrina Ibrahim, Erika Kruger, Johann Nortje, James Shaw, Hugh Smith

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