PŪREREHUA      |     2019

Festival: 2019 LUMA Southern Light Project
Date: Queen’s Birthday Weekend, 31 May – 3 June 2019
Media: Digital Animation | 01:48:00, 25.00fps, 1920×1080; Digital Soundscape with Taonga Pūoro (Pūrerehua + Pahū)
Site: Queenstown Gardens, Queenstown, New Zealand
Visionscape: ©2019 Pūrerehua by Daniel K. Brown
Soundscape: ©2019 Tāwhirimātea by Mark K. Johnson

Pūrerehua is the New Zealand te reo Māori word for ‘butterfly’ or ‘moth’. It is also the word for a traditional Māori musical instrument, a ‘bullroarer’, made of wood, stone or bone attached to a long string. In this light and sound installation, 3 butterflies (in the primary colours of blue, red and yellow) come together to produce over 150 butterflies (pūrerehua) in multiple, variegated colours and patterns, born to the sounds of this ancient Māori musical instrument (pūrerehua). They eventually explode into a celebration of colour, light, sound and magical wonder.

“The kaitiaki (guardian) of the pūrerehua is Tāwhirimātea, God of the Winds. The pūrerehua takes its name from the moth. Its sound is similar to the whirling and hovering sound of a moth’s wings as it flies and flits. The beauty of the sound that emanates from the pūrerehua is in its ability to stir the soul and whirl in the deepest places of the heart, giving rise to emotion and awe.” Source: http://www.tahaa.co.nz/taonga-puoro-mainmenu-30/purerehua-mainmenu-46.html

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