AURORA     |     2018

Festival: LUMA Southern Light Project, Queens Birthday Weekend, 1-4 June 2018
Digital Animation | 0:07:10:00, 25.00 fps, 1920 x 1080
Media: Animated projection, black fabric screen, black plastic sheeting, water, sound
Site: Queenstown Gardens, Queenstown, New Zealand
Original Soundscape ©2018 Mark K. Johnson

Aurora was specially conceived for the 2018 LUMA Southern Light Project. Its three verses depict the birth of stars, the creation of the universe, and ultimately the genesis of the Southern Lights – from which the LUMA Southern Light Project takes its name.

Acknowledgements: This project was created in Adobe After Effects (Trapcode Particular), and it was donated for outdoor viewing over the four nights of the Queens Birthday Weekend to the LUMA Southern Light Project. The intention was to help bring even more magic and light to the wonderful, illuminated community of Queenstown and its many visitors. It owes everything to the incredible online tutorials and designs provided by Voxyde, SonduckFilm and others, who offer their inspirational designs to be used as teaching tools for others to learn from and build upon. Support them by following their sites!

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