Principal Artist: Kristin Jones
My Role: Collaborator / Associate Producer
Festival: Birth of Rome Celebrations
Location: Tiber River between the bridges Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini, Rome, Italy
Date: Permanent Installation launched 19 April 2009
Media: Paper-backed aluminium foil and glue
Dimensions: 1800′ long
Installation assistant: Adam Alexander

Wolflight is a silver frieze of detailed silhouettes, cut from fine aluminum foil. Historical Roman She-Wolves cross Ponte Sisto and lead the public from downtown Rome, across the river and into Trastevere with a procession of iconic images adhered to the bridge and embankment walls. The fluid progression echoes the flow of the traffic, people and river. As the main pedestrian artery of the Roman passeggiata, Ponte Sisto is traveled by thousands of residents and visitors alike. Wolflight animates and orients the lively space, celebrating both the city’s past and its present, evoking Rome’s symbolic history in contemporary visual language. Drawing upon the rich mythology of the Rome’s dawning on the banks of the Tiber, the work is luminous both day and night, magnifying the existing site and reflecting surroundings and passerby. Wolflight is a playful and evocative invitation, welcoming the public to the life and beauty of the river.

The design process for Wolflight began with the concept, informed by an understanding of the site. The work is a synthesis of many factors, incorporating the advice and involvement of a broad spectrum of individuals, which has included architects, engineers, historians, community members, city planners, and contemporaries. Ultimately, Wolflight strives to awaken a sense of the Rome’s origins and mythology at the source itself, the Tiber River, exploring time and place in relation to the surrounding environment.


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