Festival: Birth of Rome Celebrations
Location: Michelangelo‘s Palazzo dei Conservatori, Capitoline Hill, Rome, Italy
Date: 21 April 2009
Media: Digital Animation | 0:06:03:00, 25.00 fps, 1280 x 720
Music by Walter Branchi
In collaboration with Erika Kruger and Tevereterno (Kristin Jones, Artistic Director)

INTERMEZZO was presented as one of the evening events to celebrate Rome’s 2762nd birthday. It was exhibited on the façade of Michelangelo’s Palazzo dei Conservatori on the Campidoglio (Capitoline Hill) above Rome’s ancient forum.

INTERMEZZO represents the briefest interval within the pattern of a larger work. For the She-Wolf, this interval is that moment at sunset when the last rays of the setting sun touch the cool light of the awakening moon, recalling the ancient Roman She-Wolf from her slumbers for one brief instant. INTERMEZZO represents the She-Wolf awakened by the transforming light of day and night, resuming her form through the qualities of light and shadow cast simultaneously by the setting sun and the rising moon.

The shadow wolf comes alive upon the surface of the Palazzo dei Conservatori on the mythological night of Rome’s birth. She casts her silhouette upon the site, transforming it, and claiming it as her own once more. Produced with the support of the Candy Jernigan Foundation for the Arts, Inc., the Embassy of the United States in Rome, and the David Bermant Foundation Color, Light, Motion.

Animation Assistants: Johann Nortje and James Shaw

Photo by Alessandro Penso



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