Festival: New York River to River Festival
Location: Castle ClintonBattery Park, Manhattan
Date: 29 May 2008
Media: Digital animation 0:06:09:00, 25.00 fps, 1280 x 720
In collaboration with Erika Kruger and in association with Tevereterno (Kristin Jones, Artistic Director)
Music by Walter Branchi

Multi-Media Festival celebrating the Hudson River. On 28, 29, and 30 May the New York River to River Festival presented TEVERETERNO’s Ombre dal Lupercale collection of animations and sound works in the United States for the first time, transposed for their downtown Manhattan sites. Commissioned by NYC River to River Festival and City of New York as three nights of the 2008 opening launch.

‘Wolf Arias’ were unveiled on 29 May at Castle Clinton, Battery Park. They investigate shadow symbolism in mythology, in this case interpreting wolf mythologies of the Hudson River in New York and the Tiber River in Rome using symbolism of the four elements of nature as historic aspects of ritual cleansing & witnessing. They were projected outdoors at sunset onto the 6m high stone walls of Castle Clinton in New York City’s Battery Park using 2 simultaneous projectors.

TEVERETERNO’s Ombre dal Lupercale collection was the only production to be provided its own catalogue, funded and produced by the event organizers. The collection was also one of only six events represented in the overall festival brochure in larger half page format (out of 340 events total). Funding provided by the City of New York and River to River Festival. The Festival lasted three months, ending on 1 September.

Assistants: Johann Nortje, James Shaw

2008 River to River 04

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